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rita caissie

Rita Caissie

Rita is currently the plant manager of the Michelin Bridgewater facility. She has been in manufacturing for over 30 years – in two countries, at three separate sites – with a passion and love for what she does. Rita also helped Co-develop FUEL – a program designed to help young aspiring leaders discover their potential.

"I believe I am at my best when I'm developing people to achieve their potential and working with my teams to make progress. I believe in the power of people, and that everyone can make a difference to achieve our goals. It is up to us, as leaders, to help people realize what potential they have – and that what they do matters."

Outside of her professional life Rita loves the outdoors, and any activity associated with fresh air, family and movement. "My heart belongs to my grandson and watching him grow. Anytime that I can combine these things brings me great joy!"


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